Rolex Datejust 41 – Champagne Dial, Fluted, Jubilee Bracelet – Full Set (2020)



Presenting the Rolex datejust 126333 Debuting in 2016, this piece quietly replaced the outgoing Datejust II and was praised for its classic nature and unisex appeal. At a size of 41, the case is modern and fits perfect fit under a dress cuff or suit jacket and making it ideal for formal occasions. The bezel itself is fluted and made up of gold inlay, maintaining a gem like faceted twinkle under the right light. The dial is a classic champagne attached to a two tone bracelet that add just a touch of class to an already elegant piece KEY DETAILS * Guaranteed authentic * 41mm case size * 100M water resistance * Fully linked Bracelet * Watch comes with the box, cards are dated 2020 * All features have been tested and are operating as intended. The watch runs well and as expected for its age and timegrapher readings can be provided upon request. Reference: 126333 Cosmetic condition: Overall: Very Good pre-owned condition. A light polish is not needed but can be requested to return the piece to like new condition Case: light signs of wear Sapphire crystal: no observable wear Bracelet and clasp: Light signs wear Bezel: No signs of wear


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