Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon Apollo 8



Presenting the most adventurous timepiece to enter your collection The omega Apollo 8, debuting in 2018 To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the 1968 mission to the moon is both unique and whimsical in contrast to it?a contemporary competition An open skeleton-like case showcases the 1868 cal movement, and allows it to be slimmer than its DSOTM counterpart. You won?t have to worry about desk dives either, a ceramic casing that measures 44.5 in size means that you can enjoy the piece to the fullest 44.5mm Tachometer and chrono function * 50M water resistance * Cards incoming, dated 2021 * All features have been tested and are operating as intended. The watch runs well and as expected for its age and timegrapher readings can be provided upon request. Cosmetic condition: Overall: Brand New with stickers Case: N/A Sapphire crystal: N/A Bracelet and clasp: N/A References and additional photos are happily provided upon request


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