Tudor Pelagos 39 – Black Dial Titanium Watch – 25407N



Presenting the newest iteration of the iconic Tudor Pelagos in the classic black dial 39mm in case size, the watch wears like a black bay 58, although sharper and lighter on the wrist With a huge amount of contrast between the greys of the bezel and the deep black of the dial, the bezel can feel very ghosty. The bezel is titanium and has a tactile sensation that makes the diver watch feature easy to maneuver. KEY DETAILS * Guaranteed authentic * 39mm case size * 200M water resistance * Watch comes with the boxes and card dated 2022 * Comes with OEM bracelet and strap * Date function * All features have been tested and are operating as intended. The watch runs well and as expected for its age and timegrapher readings can be provided upon request. Cosmetic condition: Overall: Brand new Case: no observable wear Sapphire crystal: no observable wear Strap and clasp: no observable wear Bezel: no observable wear


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